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Luxury Picnic Packages


A luxury picnic is a picnic that includes high-end or luxurious elements such as gourmet food, fine wine, and comfortable or elegant seating. It is often a more sophisticated and upscale version of a traditional picnic, with an emphasis on creating a special and memorable experience. Luxury picnics can be held in a variety of settings, including parks, gardens, vineyards, or other scenic outdoor locations. They can also be organized as part of a special occasion or celebration, such as a romantic date, an anniversary, or a birthday.

How it Works

Decor Selections

Whether you decide to go with our Boho styled picnic or Glam styled picnic, you have the choice to select the color scheme for your event. We strive to match the theme you have in mind.

Booking Process

Fill out the Contact Form by clicking the BOOK NOW button. Be sure to check out the available add-ons below and include them in your message to us!

We will reach out to you via phone, email, or video conference with any additional questions. An invoice will be sent to you once we have finalize decor design. You must pay the 20% deposit to reserve your party. Full payment is required 48 hours prior to your event.


Day of Event

All picnics have a 2 hour time limit. Additional hours can be added for $65 per hour.

Delivery: We will set up at selected location and handle all of the set up and tear down. A delivery fee is based on the distance to your venue from our studio location where our supplies are stored.  

Set Up: Takes place at the agreed upon time . We will just need you to show us where to set up or we can find a spot in a local park of your choosing! It can be set up inside, outside with good weather or even at a park or hotel of your choosing!


Selecting a Location: The renter is responsible for selecting the location and getting permission to set up if any is needed for a public parks. If the picnic is set up inside, please provide us with the dimensions and a photo of the set up space ahead of time. If hosting in a hotel room, we strongly encourage that you do a site visit to ensure there is enough space. If you choose a local park please do a site visit beforehand to ensure a good spot.

Always select a location that is easily accessible. We have a very large number of items that are involved with each rental, and if there are flights of stairs or long hikes involved,  we will not be able to accommodate you and/or there will be an extra fee that will either be charged before your party or taken out of your deposit after. The fee will vary depending on what is involved/how involved the set up is. 

Weather Back Up Plan: We do ask that you have a rain back up plan, such as an inside location or covered gazebo ready to go or we will need to reschedule if there is rain in the forecast. We do have a 10ftx10ft bubble tent that can be reserved for an additional cost if there is not heavy rain and high winds. 

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